What to Expect (From Other People) When You’re Expecting


Are you pregnant? No? Well this nice girl is and let us tell you, it’s not always easy keeping your nice girl face on. Especially when your condition is being analyzed by everyone who comes up to you. Here’s what to expect (from other people) when you’re expecting!

The Social Anxiety Network


Friend of the DWG – Hello! Thank you for stopping by our website. You are too kind. Also, you look nice today.
Well, while we have you, might as well click on our latest video.

Just a little musical number to express our love/hate relationship with everyone’s favorite frenemy – facebook. The boyfriend that has it all: he never forgets your birthday, laughs at all your jokes and cherishes every picture of you. But what if one day he doesn’t do all the things we expect of him? …

Every good love story has a song and dance routine, does it not?


Holiday Greetings and Salutations!

Behind the scenes

Welcome to the web world home of the DWG!  We are an LA based sketch comedy group that has been writing and performing since 2011. We are so excited to finally a space on the interwebz where we can share our latest videos, news, and events.  DWG stands for “Diverse Woman Group” and being that we are—Indonesian, German, Mexican, & Korean—we are quite a diverse group of ladies!

This past weekend we shot our first rap music video.  About Christmas.  Wearing ridiculous reindeer hats.  Needless to say, a fun time was had by all!  Our rap was originally inspired by “So What’cha Want” by the Beastie Boys.  So when it came time to filming the video, we knew we had to pay homage to our beloved Beasties.  We found a great location in LA’s Griffith Park.


It ended up raining most of the day but we kept on rapping!  I think all of that jumping around and rapping in the freezing rain made us feel pretty hardcore.

LWA (ladies with attitude)

LWA (ladies with attitude)

We will be furiously editing over the next couple of days so we can share the video with you sometime this week!  Uh, does anyone know some elves that can help us edit while we sleep?  Regardless, we are so happy to be ending 2012 on a musical note. We’ve got a dozen more sketches written and ready to be shot so we know 2013 will be just as epic!  In the meantime, happy holidays everyone!